Hi! My name is Sofia Carmen, and I love to read and to travel to different places, which is why Room to Read is important to me.

Some children are fortunate enough to have libraries and education every day. Other children can’t even go to school.

While some of us complain about getting up early to go to school, or preferring to watch TV than read books, others dream about the day they can step foot in a library.

I want to help make that dream a reality. Right now we are a group of ten 6th grade girls with the hope of raising $20,000 to build a library in some part of Southeast Asia. The library will be able to serve 1,000 students and will have more than 1,000 books. My goal is to have a team of 20 friends who want to help all of these people. We can do it if each person raises $1,000 then we can raise $20,000.

We have brainstormed to think of ways to raise the money. These are some of the ideas we have had:

  1. Hold a bake sale
  2. Tutor kids
  3. Ask for donations for our birthdays
  4. Do face painting at a birthday party
  5. Car washes
  6. And many more

Help us change the lives of these children.

We chose Room to Read, because it helps children who don’t have don’t have easy access to education. This foundation builds schools and libraries in Southeast Asia.  We think this is important because we strongly believe that education is incredibly important, and everybody, no matter the gender should be able to have access to it.

I have traveled to Southeast Asia and have seen first hand what children are faced with when they have to work every day instead of go to school just to get a tiny bit of money. In Cambodia I met kids that had to sell bracelets so that they could find a way to live. And in Myanmar half the kids aren’t able to finish elementary school.

Keep reading this blog every week to find out how we are working towards our goal. So far, we have raised $582, and we hope we can raise more. You can help these children by following our blog and spreading awareness.



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