Bake Sale

IMG_1572In April we had a bake sale at our school. We met with the head of school and the head of middle school and told them that we were raising money for Room to Read and asked if we could do anything to raise money at school. We met a few times during lunch and talked about possible options. In the end, we decided that a bake sale would be the best option.

During that bake sale, we raised $740.00, which was more than the bake sale the school had for student council the previous month!

The girls that participated in the bake sale were Jacqueline, Sarah, Ellie, Maya, Anne Marie, and I. We baked lots of yummy things and made posters.

It was a big success and we were very happy with how much money we raised.

We are taking a break over the summer, but we are going to start up again when school starts in a few weeks.  Please follow this blog to find out how you can help us with our campaign. We will post information about upcoming events.

Thank you for your support!





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